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General CSS Questions

  1. How do I install a custom CSS template?

    Go to your Webs site builder and click Modify Template. Next, click advanced CSS, and paste in your CSS code. 

  2. I tried to install a CSS template, but it didn't work!

    Make sure the template you are trying to install is compatible with Webs. Most templates aren't coded to work with Webs, and won't display right. 

  3. How do I make my own template?

    You need to know CSS to customize your website. Go to Site Designer (edit template) and click Advanced and insert your CSS code there.

  4. Will you make me a custom template?

    Click here to get a professional custom designed template for your site.

  5. What are ID's and Classes?

    An ID and Class are HTML terms to apply CSS to an HTML object. For example, lets say you wanted to apply some CSS to one certain link. You could add class="name" to the HTML for the link. Example:

    <a href="" mce_href="" mce_href="" class="name"></a>

    You can also use id="name" if you wanted.Also change Name to what ever you want, give it a unique identity.

  6. How can I import a external CSS file?

    Make sure the .css file is uploaded to your account. Use the following code to import this stylesheet, but change the URL to the one on your site:

    @import url('URL-TO-CSS-FILE');

  7. How do I change link color?

    Try this code to change the color of your links:
    a:link, a:visited {color: white;}

    Change the color to what ever you want, including hex codes

    How do I change the links on my sidebar?
    #fw-sidebar a:link, #fw-sidebar a:visited {color: white;}

    How do I change the link on my content area?
    #fw-bigcontain a:link, #fw-bigcontain a:visited {color: white;}

  8. How do I center my nav links?

    Try this code (thanks to alterposer)

    #fw-nav-menu ul, #fw-nav-menu li {display:inline; text-align: center;}

  9. Can I change the Members area sidebar module icons?

    Yes you can, with this code:

    #item-inbox .icon-link {background-image: url("") no-repeat !important;}
    #item-edit-profile .icon-link {background-image: url("") no-repeat !important;}
    #item-invite-link .icon-link {background-image: url("") no-repeat !important;}


  10. Drop down is not working with my custom template!

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Sidebar CSS Help

  1. My sidebar is to small for my ad, and it runs over. How do I fix this?

    If your sidebar is to small, and your sidebar ad runs over the edge of your sidebar, you can fix that. Just paste this code into the Advanced CSS editor in Modifty Template. 

    #sidebar {overflow:hidden;}

  2. Can I switch my sidebar to the left/right?

  3. Can I hide my sidebar ad?

    Yes, but it's against Webs Terms of Service. Doing so may get your site suspenned. 

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  1. How can I add a floating image/banner?

    Click here for a detailed how-to

    This technique can also be used to add floating content, text, images, login boxes, etc, but it's for advanced users (recommended)

  2. How can I add a cool popup like you have on the templates page?

    Pretty advanced, but I'll try to explain it. Download it here. Then uploald the files to File Manager, and change the URLS in the following code (first link) to the files on your account.


    Link code:

    In your content box, click <> and paste in the first code. Click Save. Then do another one and paste in the link code. This is code for one link, so if you want to add more, copy and paste it.


  3. How can I add an image gallery to my site?

    Paste the following code in a HTML box on your page where you want it to appear, and edit the code to include your own images/links.

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Webs How To

  1. Add a Drop Down?

  2. How do I add a Favicon (icon in tab bar)

    Webs wrote a how-to on how to add a favicon to your website (the icon in your tab/title bar). Read it here.

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HTML Questions

  1. How do I make a splash page?

    You need to make a file on your computer (using notepad) and save it as index.htm (under Save as File click Any Type). Use the following HTML code to start making your enter page.

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

    <html xmlns="">


    <title> YOUR TITLE HERE </title>

    <meta name="Description" content="YOUR DESCRIPTION HERE" />

    <meta name="Keywords" content="YOUR KEYWORDS HERE" />








  2. How do I add links to the footer?

    Copy and paste this code into your footer.

    <a href="">Link Name</a>
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