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Blog Posting Guidelines

Guidelines to follow when writing a blog post

We at SnedekerDesignz appreciate those who write articles for our blog. If you don't already write on our blog, why not? Your article could be visible to 1000's of people! But there are also some guidelines that have to be followed to make sure our blog is full of quality content!


  • Stay on topic - Your article must keep consistency and not randomly go off topic throughout the article.
  • DO NOT SPAM - This is not an opportunity to spam our community blog, so articles that are submitted that are purely spam, will lead to the article author being banned.
  • Use Images - Use images in your article to add excitement and interest.
  • Templates - If you article is about a new template you create, this should be submitted in our community forum, in the Template category.
  • Useful - The whole point of these articles is to help our community to make their websites better or provide advice/tips.
  • Formal language - Cussing is not permitted in your article nd t41k1ng l1k3 dis 1s s0 n0t co0l! Use formal, clear and professional language through out your article.
As long as your article stays within these guidelines, there should be no reason why it wouldn't be approved.