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Community Contest Lineups

Current Contests

  1. June 1st Webs Template Contest 2011
  2. My Webs Awards

Upcoming Contests

  1. July 1st General CSS Modification Contest
  2. Aug 1st Coolest Advanced Mod Contest
  3. Sep 1st General CSS Modification Contest
  4. Oct 1st  Community Picked Contest
  5. Nov 1st Webs Template Contest Winter

Previous Contests

  1. May 1st - Coolest Blog Customization

Webs Template Contest 2011 Information

It's Summer, and you know what that means! The 2011 Webs Template Contested, hosted by SnedekerDesignz! With great prizes, put your template making skills to the test! This year, users will make one awesome template and submit it for a chance to win! 

Winners will receive their template featured our brand new templates page, a free premium package by Webs, and more. 

1st Place - 1 free year premium, template featured on our template page
2nd Place - Template featured on our template page
3rd Place - Template featured on our template page
Honorable Mentions - Mentioned on blog and contest page. Possible chance at template being featured.

Submit your template entry at Templus!

Guidelines & Rules:

Template must be design and coded by you. 
You may NOT covert a template that you downloaded from another website. 
You may not use copyrighted material in your template.
You have two weeks to design a template and submit it. 
We are looking for great design skills and uniqueness. Think outside of the box. Keep your designs clean! 

Terms & Conditions:
By submitting your template, you agree that all content may be used by SnedekerDesignz to offer for free on our website (without credit, if we desire). You also agree that we reserve all rights of withdrawing your template (without cause or concent). Also, by submitting your template, you agree that your template is your own creation, and contains no illegal content. We are NOT responsible for any legal issues that many arise.

Prizes Sponsored By:


DEADLINE is June 20. Voting starts June 21st. 

My Webs Awards Information

My Webs Awards is the biggest contest SnedekerDesignz has ever hosted. Compete against other websites to win great prizes and take the "Best site of the year" Award! It won't be easy, but the rewards will be worth it.

Here's how it goes. There will be 50 websites that enter, and only one who emerges. Your website will be paired up with another website, and you will work as a team to get the most amount of votes to pass each round. There will be 25 teams, and at the end of each round, the 10 teams with the least amount of votes get kicked out. There are three rounds, one round taking place each month.

Round 1 - 25 Teams (50 sites)
Round 2 - 15 Teams (30 sites)
Round 3 - 5 Teams (10 sites)

On Round 3, there will be no more teams, and sites are voted against each other. Which ever site has the most votes wins the MWA '11 award! 

  • Official SD T-Shirt (free shipping to US)
  • Badge to place on website to let the world know you won!
More prizes might appear here within the month! 
Your website must not have any inappropriate (porn), rude (racist), dangerous (virus), or illegal content on it. If it does, your site will be withdrawn from the contest. The Winner must Email Craig Snedeker with their full and address (email below). If you live outside the US, you must pay for shipping for the prize(s), and if that is the case, you must also send Craig Snedeker your Paypal address.
(Don't send this info to anyone else!) If you fail to send us your personal information, we will not send you the prize(s). 
SnedekerDesignz will never sell or give our your personal information. We swear. We will never ask you for your information, you have to approach us. 
Contact Craig Snedeker at [email protected]