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About Us

About SnedekerDesignz.webs

Snedekerdesignz.webs is a website dedicated to giving support to members who want to customize their website and don't know where to start. The site has a large number of information, tutorials, and codes to get you started customizing your website. If you have any questions you can post on the forums.We also are building up an extensive FAQ page, with basic "How to do's" and a tutorial database. And if you are an advanced user, we have lots of resources for you to get started making your own templates from scratch. Don't forget that your feedback matters! We bring new (and return) features that you want the most! So make your voice heard!

Our Staff

Craig Snedeker is the site owner. He created the website in 2006, and since then it has become a huge resource for Webs members who are looking for help on designing and customizing their website.

Lester - Lester is a moderator, but he also keeps the tutorial and FAQ sections of the website up to date. 

Frank - Frank updates the WebsWiki, a big resource section of our website.

Moderators  - And many, many, thanks to our moderators for helping out on the forums; Kevin, Nick Rameau, Josiah, Joey, MovieParadise, Pokechatter, and cipsi-dj!